Thursday, February 6, 2020

Clayton (Single Dads Club #3) by Candice Blake

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Westley: A one-week cottage trip with a group of single dads...what could possibly happen?

I don’t have any expectations for this trip and I certainly don't expect to meet Clayton, an older man with salt-and-pepper hair and icy-blue eyes, who makes me question my sexuality.

Stuck inside the cottage in one of the worst snowstorms in years, Clayton and I don’t have a choice but to get to know each other. We start off as just friends, but Clayton’s charming and able to convince me to do things with him I never thought I’d do. Soon, I start having feelings for this handsome, older man.

But once we go back to the real world, I know things will never work out between us. As one of the top neurosurgeons in the country, I've dedicated my life to my work. It wouldn't be fair for anyone to have to deal with my long and hectic hours at the hospital.

So, do we make the best of our short time together and end it at that? Or do I give it a chance with Clayton when we finally go home?


As the founder of the Single Dads Club, I organize an annual trip to my cottage. This year, I extended the invitation to friends and family of my members.

I meet someone named Westley and he reminds me so much of my husband who died ten years ago. When I catch Westley stealing glances at me from across the room one too many times, I make a move on him and test the waters.

There's something about Westley that drives me wild. But he makes it clear that he's straight. As a CEO, I don't give up easily, and I won't give up on someone I find so special.

I'm still healing after my husband's death and it's hard to love again. With my son leaving for college in a year, I'll be all alone. I want to fall in love again, but just the thought of it terrifies me. Westley has the power to change all that.

Will he though?


Each novel in the Single Dads Club series can be read as a standalone or as part of the series.

Want to follow single dads on their journey to find love?
Read this book now.

My Rating - 4 Stars!

Clayton, the third book in Candice Blake's Single Dads Club series, is a great gay for you romance with an age gap.  

Wesley and Clayton are two men who bond immediately, discussing loss and medicine. One is single after losing his husband, the other is a doctor. Meeting at a get-away with friends, they have a quick connection, strong chemistry, and intense need.

Their story is one of insta-love with some fantastic first times and super steamy moments. Their story is one of taking a chance on love; of taking a risk.

Adding to the fun is their ages, as one man is in his fifties, the other his forties. If you enjoy stories of middle aged men finding love, you're sure to enjoy this one.

Clayton's a wonderful romance, as one man shows the benefits of taking a risk, the other finds love again. This Candice Blake read is perfect when you're looking for your next gay for you romance. At just 131 pages, it's a fast read. 

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