Thursday, February 6, 2020

The Secrets We Keep by Mia Monroe


Only a jerk would steal his sister’s man.

I told myself it was a harmless crush on my very straight, future brother-in-law, until one night we crossed a line.

Everything shifted as forbidden passion simmered between us, but we vowed to keep it buried and our family intact. I saw the cracks between them, but for some reason, breaking up wasn’t an option. I didn’t know then how many things we all hid.

When it all collided, the decision we made changed everything.

And if the truth comes out, the secrets we keep could destroy our lives.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Wow, Mia Monroe's The Secrets We Keep is a riveting romance. Seriously, I could not put it down. 

When we meet Cruz, he's fighting with his spoiled girlfriend Katy. She's beautiful but bitchy, but he's trapped by the fact that he works for her father. Omg, I hate her immediately.

When Katy's brother Leo shows up, Cruz is knocked on his ass. And I love it! The emotions are intense, and the storyline is riveting. The men have tough decisions to make, and they do lots of sexual exploring. 

Omg, I love this story that is essentially one seriously messed up situation. It's full of fear, cowardice, and sacrifice. There's intense hatred, intense connection, and intense chemistry throughout this a multi-layered plot. 

There are certainly moments that seems over the top, but I didn't care. I was fully invested, not able to read it fast enough.

Beware of the cheating though and skip this one if that's a trigger for you.

The Secrets We Keep is one of those special books that I knew would be a 5 Star read from page one. And it was. This Mia Monroe book held up to all my expectations. I love it all.

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