Wednesday, February 12, 2020

How to Vex a Vampire (VRC: Vampire Related Crimes #1) by Alice Winters

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Getting into the vampire-only detective unit was the easy part; what’s going to be more difficult is dealing with my new partner, an ancient vampire who keeps threatening to eat me. The unit has never had a human in it, and Marcus—or as I like to call him, Fangy McFangface—would really prefer to keep it that way. He’s grumpy, short-tempered, and broody, but I have a way with words and I know he’s starting to like me, even if he swears he’s not. But what he doesn’t know is that I didn’t join the unit because I was tired of being a homicide detective, I joined because there is someone after me. They’ve already taken enough from me and I’m afraid they’re going to take all of me if I don’t find someone to help. That’s all Marcus was supposed to be, but now, he’s so much more and I can’t imagine my life without him.

The moment the pesky human walked through that door, I knew I had to get rid of him. He’s charming and almost everyone else instantly loves him, but he doesn’t understand how risky it is being part of this unit as a human. But as I get to know the stubborn man, I learn that perhaps he’s not as naive as I once thought. And maybe he’s what I needed to realize there is more to life than just work and my dog. A group arises who is threatening to disrupt the alliance between the humans and the vampires, but Finn is the one who shows me how strong that alliance can be and reminds me why it’s worth protecting. When threats hit closer to home, I realize I would do anything for Finn because he’s brought so much joy to my life—and because he’s mine.

This 105k word book contains: A creative use for undergarments, unintentional splits, a wolfhound who just wants to be a part of things, a vertically challenged human who still manages to wrap every vampire he meets around his little finger, the best date ever, possessiveness, really awkward dancing, some workplace revenge, and just a bite or two. Or three. 

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Ahhhh, How to Vex a Vampire is everything I was hoping it would be. I never read vampire stories, but with Alice Winters as the author, I couldn't pass this one up.

The author's world building is phenomenal, as it's unique, well described, and a whole lot of fun. The mystery is well done, keeping me intrigued throughout. But more than anything, it's the depth of these men that I love. They ooze self-doubt and lack of self esteem. It wonderfully explores the importance of loving oneself before one can love anyone else. 

Finn and Marcus are hysterical together. Not only is their relationship intriguing, their innuendoes, banter, and one liners make them so damn loveable. The short jokes and age jokes are hysterical. In addition to the fun, it's also a wonderful romance between two complete opposites.

Just a sneak peak at the banter. "I give up. Interacting with him is like telling a squeaky door to stop squeaking."

Seriously, how can anyone make taking off a bra so perfectly humorous? Basically, no one does humor as well as Alice does! This book has short jokes, vampire jokes, and human jokes. I love it all.

How to Vex a Vampire is a fantastic read. I don't want to post any spoilers, but this Alice Winters' read is full of suspense, chemistry, and a whole lot of penis jokes. Read it!

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