Sunday, February 23, 2020

Spring Forward (Superbia Springs #1) by Rachel Kane

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A heartbroken single dad. A handyman with a past full of secrets.
And the small town that would change them forever.

It should've been a dream come true for Liam, inheriting the old
mansion named Superbia Springs. It helped him meet Mason, the
handyman who kept the town running. Mason is sweet, generous, and
good with his hands. (If only he'd use those hands on Liam...) But
Mason has a secret, and the old house has a secret, and the whole town
seems full of secrets.

Mason knows he can't fall for Liam, no matter how the man makes him
burn with passion. Gay single dads are off limits when you're stuck
in the closet. Liam hates secrets, and after hearing what happened to
Liam's father and his ex, Mason desperately wants to give him his
heart...and his whole story. But how can he tell Liam what's really
keeping him in the closet, when it could destroy people's lives?

Liam knows he should pack up his bags and his baby and head straight
back for his home in the city...but something about Superbia draws him
back inexorably. Maybe it's the town itself. Maybe it's the mansion,
with all its mysteries. Or maybe it's because he can't get Mason out
of his mind, out of his dreams, out of his heart.

Can the irresistible desire the two men feel for each other overcome
the small-town grudges, feuds and scandals that threaten to keep them


My Rating - 5 Stars!

Rachel Kane's Spring Forward, the first book in the Superbia Springs series, is a sweet and tender read. 

When Liam arrives in Superbia Springs, he has no idea that his life is about to change forever. He's in town to see the property he inherited, hoping to solve some mysteries about the place and his father. But, he never expected to find love. 

Mason and Liam's story includes a closeted father, family secrets, and controlling and powerful townspeople. But, most of all, it includes the promise of a beautiful future. And a baby. 

Liam's backstory is well developed, baby and all. He's a lovable character who the reader desperately wants to find love again. And Mason. Ahh Mason. He's been hiding his true self forever, and is sure he can never come out. The conflict is entertaining, emotional, and riveting. 

The author does a wonderful job, carrying off a pleasant tone throughout. The writing is great, with lots of suspense, intrigue, and chemistry. There's plenty of passion and romance to satisfy. 

I love Spring Forward. This Rachel Kane romance looks to be the start of a fantastic small town series. With plenty of glimpses into the surrounding secondary characters, I am excited to see what happens next. 

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