Friday, February 21, 2020

Love Language by Reese Morrison


A younger Dom. A grieving sub. Two men whose kinks don't match (or so they think) connecting in ASL.

Marco and Greg would both rather be anywhere than a kink club on Valentine’s Day. Marco doesn’t have the patience to speech-read in a hearing crowd. And Greg is still mourning his Sir who passed away three years ago.

But when Greg steps in to explain something in ASL, Marco can’t stop thinking about the light he sees in those sad eyes. Strong, older, fluent in sign language, and sweetly submissive, Greg is exactly Marco’s type. Even if Greg isn’t ready for another relationship yet, Marco isn’t ready to let him go.

Greg thought that he would never want to date someone again. But as painful as it is to admit, he’s starting to feel like it might be time. Marco is like no one he’s never met. Small, twink-ish, and over a decade younger, and a Daddy, he isn’t at all what Greg imagined in a Dom. Yet he’s undeniably attracted to his care and control, even after Marco reveals that he’s transgender. Slipping into ASL, the language of his childhood, Greg wonders if he might have a second chance at love.

This book contains hurt/comfort themes, lots of heat, and a HEA ending.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Love Language is a wonderful romance by Reese Morrison. And, yes, it has all the kink I've come to expect from Reese.

This is the beautiful story of Marco, a deaf trans man and Greg, a man still mourning the loss of his sir/husband of twenty years. They meet at a BDSM club during Valentine's Day. 

They have a good connection and strong chemistry, but their fears are overwhelming as they're two men full of doubts. They like to please one another, giving each other the things they need, but there's always the ghost of Greg's ex between them. 

As for the BDSM, I love the way it's illustrated here, with a heavy focus on communication about their needs, wants, and desires. Their relationship is all about finding out what works for both of them, and I love it.

And as for the heat leavel, wow, just wow. This one is smoking hot with bondage, sounds, voyeurism, and humiliation. It is freaking awesome!

Love Language is an emotional journey of healing and love, all told around a spicy BDSM relationship. There is an amazing amount of character growth and a lot of beauty in this growth.

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