Monday, February 17, 2020

FF - Robin's Lake Road by C.L. Avery

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A tender story about two girls who find their true selves when they fall in love . . . but that was just the easy part.

When Asher meets Robin, everything finally makes sense.
Robin is beautiful, talented, and popular while Asher is on the opposite end of the social spectrum. But after a chance meeting, the two hit it off and become friends. In clumsy-sweet fashion, it doesn’t take long for their friendship to morph into a romance as wild as the untamed prairie wind.
Only thing is, Robin’s family is hiding something. And when secrets emerge, the romance that seemed unstoppable is put to the test. Amid misfortune and tragedy, both girls are forced to confront a sobering truth.
Can Asher navigate a “complicated” first romance? Can Robin survive her own family’s dark secrets?
Or will a cruel universe have the last say on whether the romance gets a happy ever after?
"Regardless of your age or sexuality, if you like a moving story about first love, this is for you." -  Amazon review
“The ending of this book left me speechless. It’s hard to come home again.” – NetGalley Review
“I absolutely adore this book for so many reasons.” – Goodreads review

My Rating - 4 Stars!

Wow, Robin's Lake Road is a powerful novel by CL Avery. Do not for one minute by fooled into thinking this is a happy story. It is not. Not at all. This is pure tragedy. The ending is hard to deal with for sure. 

When we first meet Ash, she's a high school senior who's confused, questioning why she's never been in love before. Then she meets Robin. What follows is a gripping tale of sexual discoveries, sexual exploration, and an emotional rollercoaster unlike anything I've read before. 

This lesbian story of Ash and Robin is one of intense highs and intense lows. This coming of age tale is heavy on the homophobia. I am still in shock at how intense and deep this story is. Focusing on first love and self loathing, loving oneself and self acceptance, it's a multi-layered story, full of extreme twists and turns. 

Ultimately, this tragic tale reminds the reader to never give up, as you never know what's coming next. Always remember that life goes on. 

An absolutely powerful read, Robin's Lake Road is well worth a read. Just be sure to save this CL Avery book for when you're in the mood for a depressing and serious read. 

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