Monday, December 3, 2018

Happily Ever Alfie by K. Sterling


Happily Ever After can seem so far away. Especially when life kicks you every time you're down. Alfie Stanford was a master of fairytales and happy endings but his own story was one sad twist after another. He didn't have time for true love and he was too tired to dance at midnight, he had four younger siblings to raise.

Happily Ever After doesn't happen for everyone. Sometimes, you miss your chance while you're serving your country. Jack Church gave more than thirty years of his life to the Army and believed it was too late for him to be some man's Prince Charming.

Sometimes, a little girl and a very special quilt are all it takes for something very magical to happen... Sometimes, there's robots.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Happily Ever Alfie is a charming, feel-good romance by K Sterling. 

When Alfie meets Jack at the library, neither expect them to develop a relationship. Alfie's busy raising his young step-siblings. The term organized chaos perfectly explains his life. Jack, newly retired from the Army, has never been able to be out before. When Jack starts helping out around Alfie's house, the sparks start to fly. 

This story is just beautiful, full of the importance of family, as well as love. Alfie's sacrifices are amazing and inspiring. And the way Jack steps in to help is heroic and exquisite. These are two men are so damn lovable! And they expertly demonstrate the strength that one gains with love.

Their story is full of kid chaos, kid fun, and more. It's  low angst, with a whole lot of enchanting moments. 

It's a fairly short story, but it packs a whole lot into it's 106 pages. I am elated to have found this book.

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