Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Sacred Skin by Terra Sinclair



When I need a tattoo artist to cover up my self-harm scars, I meet Brooks, the owner of Sacred Skin and the man I don’t realize is about to fix me in more ways than one. Brooks Hogan is exactly my type--that is, the exact opposite of me. All hard muscle and tattoos...and the most piercing grey eyes I've ever seen. He makes my heart practically palpitate right out my chest.I never thought he'd agree when I asked him to model for my photography series. I certainly never dreamed he might want to get close to me. I'm the kind of guy that gets chewed up and spat out. I can't help but expect the same from Brooks. But he keeps proving me wrong.We might be from different worlds. There might be secrets he's keeping. I know those bikers who hang out at his studio aren't just customers. So how can I trust that he won't hurt me? That he's not dangerous?


I've known tough guys all my life. From his looks alone, you wouldn't think Leo was tough but he's one of the strongest people I've ever met. The first time he walks into my studio, I don't know what to make of him. He's got a sweet attitude, but some bad scars to cover up. Makes you wonder where they came from.I never thought anyone would make my knees weak, especially not a dude. I was never much of a romantic. But there Leo Cooper is, doing all sorts of things to my head and heart. Not to mention other parts of my body…All he wants from me is trust, but that's the last thing I can offer. There's things I have to hide from him. My family connections are a risk for anybody who gets close to me, and yet here Leo is, pushing to find out more.I never knew that coming out was going to be the easy part. But hell, things are so messed up, it's the only place I know to start.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Terra Sinclair's Sacred Skin is a fantastic book. It's powerful, riveting, and extremely emotional. 

The connection between Leo and Brooks is immediate. Leo is amazed at the way Brooks is able to instantly understand him.

Leo's past is awful to read about, as it's dark and full of pain and hurt. And he has the physical scars to prove it. 

The author writes with a great pace, and a riveting writing style. 

One thing I love and appreciate is the easy manner in which Brooks comes to accept his sexuality. It's a welcome change of pace from most books. 

Sacred Skin is a beautiful journey of two young men dating and getting to know one another, while learning to trust again. And I loved every second of this journey. I highly recommend this Terra Sinclair gem.

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