Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Masterpiece (Men of Hidden Creek, Season 3, #2) by H.J. Welch


“I want to trust you.”

Koby Duvall always knew his place at school. Art nerds like him were just target practice for guys on the football team. NFL star Vince Russo may never have bullied him, but the two men are still nothing alike. Except when Koby is asked to create a sculpture of Russo, they find themselves stuck together.

Vince is only home for a few weeks over the holidays while he recovers from a head injury. Face to face with his former classmate, he finally has a chance to prove to Koby that he’s more than just a dumb jock.

However, sparks fly and Vince realizes he and Koby may have more in common than they thought. But all Vince knows is football, and coming out in the NFL is career suicide. When a violent grudge comes back to terrorize Koby, though, Vince knows he’ll do anything to protect the man he loves.

Welcome to Hidden Creek, Texas, where the heart knows what it wants, and where true love lives happily ever after. Every Men of Hidden Creek novel can be read on its own, but keep an eye out for familiar faces around town! This book contains a steamy modeling session, big families with even bigger food portions, and enough chemistry to melt steel.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Masterpiece is HJ Welch's addition to season three of the Men Of Hidden Creek series by various authors.

This story centers around Vince and Koby, as Vince is home to recover from a football injury. They were never friends before, but while Koby works on creating a sculpture of Vince for the school, they find that they may be good together. 

They are certainly complete opposites physically. Vince is a tough, strong football player, while Koby's small, nonbinary and pansexual.
Vince is struggling with his injury, while the lonely Koby's finding some companionship for the first time. 

Their story is tender and sweet, with some fantastic sex scenes, including the small man topping. Yay!

Unfortunately, they also have their fair share of issues, including a homophobic friend and attacks. 

Masterpiece is a riveting Christmas romance. HJ Welch has created two wonderfully complex men who completely capture one another's heart, as well as mine. 

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