Thursday, April 30, 2020

Love Lessons (Love #2) by Reese Morrison

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“Come here,” Dustin repeated, his dark eyes serious.
Landon put his hands on his hips and stood his ground. “Make me.”
He knew he was acting like a petulant teenager, but this was Dustin. And with Dustin, he felt safe.
Please, he thought, please, please make me.

Landon doesn’t need anyone. So he’s confident that when he offers to train a nervous, sexy Dom, nothing will come of it.

But Dustin has some things to teach him, too. Because Dustin uses sign language and asks him questions that no one else bothers to ask. Because Dustin wants him, no matter how he presents his gender. Because when Landon rebels, Dustin’s there to keep him in line. And when Dustin makes him obey, it feels real.

Real enough to call Dustin his Daddy.

But these are just lessons, right?

Love Lessons has a nervous new Dom, a confident and genderfluid sub who offers to train him, age play with a middle, a bit of angst, and plenty of sign language. This book is the second in the Love Language series, but it can be read alone.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Reese Morrison's Love Lessons, the second book in the Love series, is fabulous. 

As in Love Language, the author packs a punch with the complexity of everything tackled in this book. It deals with deafness, ASL, gender-fluidity, BDSM, age play, asexuality, and more. Any of these aspects would have made an interesting read on their own. But, weaving them all together is extraordinary. 

It's impressive the way that the author handles Landon, who is a multi-layered character. He can't hear, he's gender fluid, desperately needs age play, and has a lot to learn. And in a fascinating move, Dustin has an auditory processing disorder, which amps up the importance of ALS and communication in this amazing read. 

This story includes a kink club and plenty of kink, including sensory depravation. But, seriously, imagine the issues these two men face with their hearing problems during DBSM, and everything is increased tenfold. 

This is a story of facing fears and taking chances. It includes sexual exploration and relationship struggles. They are so close, but struggle to make things work

In addition to everything else that is tackled in this book, the author also adds in an emotional issue with Landon teaching deaf students. It's a terrific storyline on it's own, and adds tremendously to this tale. 

Overall, Love Lessons is a fantastic read. Definitely check it out when you're looking for a BDSM read with a complex storyline and even complex characters. 

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