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Falling Together (The Den Boys #6) by A.T. Brennan

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I’ve been in a fog for the past year. Haven’t really felt like myself in the last six. ~ Tristan

Losing my best friend in a war I hadn’t understood, fighting for a military that had cast me out when I’d outlived my usefulness, had sent me on a path of self-destruction. Now, four years later, I had my life back on track. Or so it would seem. I had a job I liked at a bar where my coworkers had become my family, but there was always something missing that kept me from ever feeling true happiness. A trip back to my hometown to try and find closure was supposed to have been a promise I kept to a friend, but it turned into so much more the moment I met my best friend’s brother.

Max is the opposite of what I’d pictured and exactly what I’ve always wanted. I know I needed to keep my distance to keep him safe, but when he offers me a job at his family’s inn, I'm powerless to do anything other than agree.

It didn’t matter how hard I worked or how much I tried, I was always second best. ~ Max

After spending the last eighteen years living and working as a chef in New York City, I was back in my tiny hometown trying to restore and reopen my family’s inn. It was supposed to be a new chapter for me, a way to finally realize my dream of having my own kitchen, but coming back to the place I’d fled at seventeen wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. Especially after I ran into my little brother’s best friend and impulsively asked him to help me with the renovations while he was still in town.

It’s obvious Tristan is grappling with demons few people could understand, but there’s something about the handsome and enigmatic man that makes me want to know what those demons are, and to help him chase them away

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Falling Together, the sixth book in The Den Boys series, is an amazing read by AT Brennan. Although the bar, The Den, continues to be a fantastic background, I still find this can easily be read as a standalone. 

Tristan's a complex character; a man who's barely hanging on. Returning home to find closure, he ends up being hired by Max to help fix up a newly inherited inn. The two men knew one another as kids, but the years have separated them. What follows is a complex enemies to lovers tale, with misplaced grief and anger. 

And in the end, this is an impressive tale, tackling many deep issues. Their story is one that delves deep into homophobia and HIV. Their story also tackles the need for the right combination of domination and submission. Their story includes drug use, depression, grief, guilt, and mental issues. The author excels in developing and illustrating all these issues, leaving me impressed by all of it. 

In addition, the author throws in small town issues, both the good and the bad, family issues galore, and some pleasant surprises. The author spares no expense in the deep issues involved with Tristan's experiences with sex. It is well written, emotional, and beautifully developed. 

I really love this book. The characters are intriguing and endearing, the storyline is compelling, with some wonderful moments, and the pace flows seamlessly. I wouldn't change a thing about the writing style or the story line. 

Overall, Falling Together is one of those books I didn't want to see end. I feel like I need to dive back into it and re-read it immediately. I highly recommend this story.

As for me, now I need to read the books in The Den Boys series that I've missed. If they are anywhere as fantastic as this book, I will happily devour them too. 

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