Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Here For You by KC Wells

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Chris Lomax swore he'd never return to Saugatuck, but nothing could have prevented him from coming home to the small lakeside town, not once he saw the news about the fire – and Hunter, the only person ever to steal his heart. He must make sure Hunter is okay, and service dog Lucy could lend a helping paw.

Firefighter Hunter Drake never expected to see Chris again. He thought he’d lost his best friend for good when Chris jilted Hunter’s sister at the altar. But right now Hunter needs to focus on his recovery. What he doesn’t understand is why Chris came back – and why he won’t leave.

The two men get to reconnect, but spending so much time together leaves Hunter confused and uncertain, especially when Chris reveals he’s both bi and in love with him. Hunter’s not sure what to do about that last part.

What Chris wants is for Hunter to forgive him.
What Hunter needs is to stop living in denial.
Yeah, as if it was ever going to be that easy…

*Friends to lovers
*Second chance
*Small town going home
*Hurt comfort
*first time

My Rating - 4.5 Stars!

KC Wells' Here For You is a great friends to lovers romance. 

Chris returns home after hurting hearts years ago. Back to check on his former best friend, Hunter, he's also here to make amends. What follows is a tender tale of surprises and confessions. 

This is a story of repressed feelings, second chances, and a slew of emotions.
It's a story of help, encouragement, pride, forgiveness and regret. 

There are some fantastic secondary characters, including Cally, the woman who Chris left at the altar. She's a breath of fresh air, adding tremendously to this story. I love her and am so happy to find a character like her. There's also Lucy, some supportive parents and a precious dog.

The writing is wonderful, with likable, multi-layered characters. The pace is great, with a slow connection that builds up nicely to a burn. Although some aspects of the story are heavy, the author manages to explore everything in a pleasant manner. 

And then there's Hunter's PTSD, which is handled with care and compassion. I appreciate the way the author approaches this issue in a subtle manner. It's a nice surprise. We all know the struggle to ask for or accept help, so I enjoy the way this is explored. 

Here For You is classic KC Wells; a must read if you are a fan of her books. This slow burn romance is beautifully developed, leaving the reader invested throughout. A great mix of sweetness, healing, forgiveness, and love, it's perfect when you're in the mood for a nice, easy read. 

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