Saturday, April 25, 2020

A Different Kind Of Chemistry (Nerds and Tattoos, #1) by Ashlynn Mills

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Casey's social life is much like his love life, non existant. He is constantly playing it safe and it is no longer working for him. After another date gone wrong, he finds himself stepping in a world completely foreign to him when walking into a small bar trying to drink his rejection away. Never did he think he would find something in that bar that would change his world forever, but his mind never stops thinking about that sexy tattooed stranger with the mesmerizing eyes. He tries to forget his heated moment with the stranger he will never see again, but Maverick keeps appearing in more places than just his dreams.

Maverick has rules for a reason and has been doing so well sticking with them until a nerdy science geek has him questioning everything. Maverick won't be the reason for destroying another person and everytime he looks at Casey, he is reminded more and more of his haunting past. This can only end in disaster because people like Maverick were never meant to fall in love with people like Casey, but like a moth to a flame, the adorable red head has him always coming back for more.

My Rating - 3.5 Stars!

A Different Kind of Chemistry is the first book in the Nerds and Tattoos series. This Ashlynn Mills book is really sweet.

Mav and Casey are complete opposites. One's a nerdy teacher, the other's a hot tattoo artist. 

Damn, these boys have some issues to deal with. Oh man, how I love Casey. His science shirts are fantastic. His virginal status fits him perfectly. And his awkwardness is well done. I love that he calls Maverick "hot tattoo guy." Just adorable. Mav isn't looking for a relationship, but can't resist the adorable red-headed Casey. Sort of. He wants him, but he just wants him for sex. Poor Maverick is so hardened after being hurt in the past, and it shows. 

I enjoy the differences in these men, especially as these never become an issue between the men at first. It's a story with some funny friends, some encouraging friends, and annoying ones as well. 

The writing style is good in general. But I wish there had been "more" though. The low angst is good, but it feels a little forced. Mav's back and force seemed a little too forced as well. I love the concept, I just feel it needed a little something to connect the reader to the men more. And everything seems resolved to quickly. I do adore the ending though.

A Different Kind of Chemistry is good when you're looking for a sweet, quick read. I definitely like it overall, and will be sure to check out the next book in the series.

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