Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Honesty: Ben & Eric (Six Degrees #2) by Sandy Smith

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How do you build a relationship without honesty?

To care for his teenage sister and her newborn baby, Ben Sinclair gave up his carefree university student life, playing gigs with a band, and his boyfriend Wyatt, who he thought was the love of his life. Handling a breakup, bills, and a baby is bad enough. Then Ben discovers Wyatt was cheating on him their whole relationship, and everyone knew but Ben.

Finding out his ex wasn’t quite as honest as he thought shatters Ben’s confidence, but it doesn’t matter. He doesn’t have time to do anything other than work, babysit, and stress over bills anyway.

When Ben starts a new job at a hotel and meets Eric, he begins to dream of a better life. Eric is hot, charming and funny. He’s also straight… or so Ben believes. Eric is everything Ben ever wanted but couldn’t possibly have.
Eric helps Ben find his footing and rediscover his passions. But when Ben discovers Eric has been lying to him all along about who he really is, can Ben ever forgive him? Or were they doomed from the start?

No matter what else happens, Ben vows never to make the mistake of falling for someone who lies again. There is no way he’d make that mistake a second time, right?

Honesty is a contemporary MM romance novel with some adult scenes and is not suitable for young readers

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Sandy Smith's Honesty: Ben & Eric is super sweet from the start. The second book in the Six Degrees series it's easily read as a standalone. 

Ben and Eric are two men who meet at work and a friendship is born. These two are complete opposites, upping the fun factor. 

Ben is tasked with raising his younger sister and her infant. He has major trust issues, after his lying ex cheated on him, and this is a main theme throughout. 

Their story is one that includes issues with one's own pride and work problems, It's a story of learning that love and support is what is most important in life.  

Making things even better, it's set in Australia. I love, love, love the Sydney mentions and how often the characters traverse the city. 

My favorite scene is actually the review scene. So damn funny. And then there are amazingly tender moments like the way Eric cares for baby Rory. 

Told in first person pov, the writing is fantastic. The writer's voice, tone, and story line kept me intrigued throughout. Written with heart, humor, and passion, the author had me experiencing everything first hand. There are some great twists and turns thrown in, which keeps the reader intrigued as well.

Honesty: Ben & Eric is completely charming. This Sandy Smith tale is a beautiful read full of inspiring character growth. I wish I could just live in this world. 

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