Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Destination Wedding by Jason Collins



I'm straight, single, and divorced. Two of those might change.

Being accidentally kidnapped could be worse. I get a trip to the Hamptons, a seat at a luxury wedding, and a week with the hottest man I’ve ever laid eyes on. Maybe I ought to fly private more often.

Zach’s no snobby millionaire, though. He’s got a good heart, and a body that makes it hard to see straight anymore. At this rate, it won’t be long before we’re tearing into each other like it’s our own honeymoon.

He’s a groomsman for his brother, but he needs some support of his own—the kind he can only get behind closed doors. He comes from money, and his family wants things to be perfect. But we don’t have time for perfection, and if we can’t bring this family together, Groomzilla might call the whole thing off.

The bouquet’s in the air, but I’m reaching for Zach.


Who hasn’t accidentally kidnapped a date every now and then?

My brother’s getting married in the Hamptons, and I need a plus-one. But I didn’t expect it to be a stranger who unintentionally boarded the plane. I’m sharing a flight with Barrett, but it feels a lot like a first date. He’s agreed to be my companion, and that means a week of chaotic pre-wedding events.

A straight, divorced EMT isn’t the kind of date my family is expecting, but then, I wasn’t expecting him to start sizing me up for more than just a wedding tux. Not only is he charming my relatives, he’s also making me think about jumping for the bouquet.

My family of wealthy hoteliers can be a handful. Barrett’s from a different world, but I’m hoping they’ll accept him—if this week doesn’t kill us first.

This wedding needs Barrett, and he’s the best man for the job.

Note to readers: This is an extra spicy standalone MM romance. Readers can expect two passionate men and several steamy scenes that will leave you breathless.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Destination Wedding, by Jason Collins is a fun fake boyfriend romance. It has a lot of things I enjoy in addition to the fake boyfriend trope; accidental meeting, wedding antics, entertaining family members, a groomzilla, and more.

I enjoyed this one a lot. The situation of their meeting and arrangement is funny and unique. The attraction is instant and they are quick to act on it. They are two men who are very different from their appearances, providing us with some wonderful, heartfelt moments. 

Off to the Hamptons for a family wedding, the area is well described, adding to the fun. Zach and Barrett are men from completely opposite worlds. Watching Barrett's introduction to the land of the elite is certainly entertaining. One thing that stood out to me is Barrett's ability to relate to Zach and others on a human level, despite their extreme differences. Basically, I love Barrett. 

The wedding adventures had me laughing, despite the emotion of it. It definitely just kept people on their toes. But, the real humor comes from the easy way Zach and Barrett make up stories together. They are seamless with their improvisation; it's impressive and hysterical. 

Destination Wedding it a beautiful tale of acceptance. Accidentally placed together, it seems that fate took over and sent them on their way. Honestly, this is a perfect feel-good romance. 

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