Saturday, April 13, 2019

Kisses From Heaven by Piper Kay


Hayden Montgomery has always been determined, hardheaded, and strong. He keeps his passionate side buried deep within. But shit just went South.
Now, his world is crumbling in front of him. Broken and lost, he’s trapped in an abusive relationship which makes it worse. Hayden just wants a way out of everything. Falling down the rabbit hole, he questions his own life or if he even belongs in it anymore.
Joseph, his very close friend from years ago, returns. They took different roads for a quick minute, but Hayden is overjoyed with his return and the strength and love Joseph has to share.
Unfortunately, Joseph harbors some deep and dark secrets that could get them both killed if he’s not careful.
There is a method to this madness! And many Kisses from Heaven up above.

My Rating - 4 Stars!

Kisses From Heaven is a tough book to review. It's a heart-breaking tale of abuse, love, and agony.

This story is complex, and reads as separate sections. Unfortunately, it is a tough read from start to finish. I definitely found myself riveted, but in the end, I felt it was missing something. Hayden gets his happily ever after, after YEARS of suffering, but the lack of explanations left me confused and wanting more closure.

This book is about Hayden and his pain. And when I say pain, I mean physical abuse, mental torture, and way too much anguish. This is an agonizing read. A really tough read. You will feel every moment of Hayden's pain and suffering and it will hurt. It is truly a tale with horrific levels of abuse.

It's also a story of love. A love so strong and powerful that nothing else matters. The type of love that is all-consuming and has the power to wreck you repeatedly. 

When Hayden and Joseph are first reunited, it's an interesting and fun read, as Joseph's never been with a guy before. When Hayden teaches him about gay sex, it's quite the hot scene!

The rest however, is agonizing. There, I've warned you. Now read at your own risk. But, please note that the writing is phenomenal, as I wouldn't be so upset if the writing wasn't so strong. Kuddos to Piper Kay.

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  1. Thanks so much for reviewing. It was a hard write and a hard read as well.


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