Wednesday, April 10, 2019

The Boys of Lake Cliff (Boys of Lake Cliff #1-5) by K. Sterling


Welcome To Lake Cliff

K. Sterling invites you to Lake Cliff to meet her most beloved heroes in this anthology of her Lake Cliff books.

Detective Lane West doesn't do complicated. Especially when it comes to his personal life. Dr. Aiden Sharp is complicated. Complicated in ways Lane can barely get his mind around when he's forced to babysit Aiden as a favor for the District Attorney. After that, things get very complicated.

Sage Bradley wants to make the world a better place. He's handsome, smart, wealthy, a talented artist and always follows his heart. Unfortunately, someone wants him dead. Fate brings a mysterious man to Sage's door and a romantic night turns into a tangled web of passion and danger.

Can you domesticate an international assassin? Can a criminal be reformed and play well with others?

Happily Ever After doesn't always happen right away or as easily as you might imagine. Lavender must decide how much he's willing to sacrifice for love and if he can make peace with his past.

Despite his hopes, fate isn't ready to let Lane West settle into his own Happily Ever After peacefully. A new threat comes to Lake Cliff and he's forced to team up with his worst nightmare.

K. Sterling's Lake Cliff series is gritty, intense, emotional and at times hysterical. Always sensual, Lake Cliff is K. Sterling at her darkest and dirtiest. If you're already a fan of Lane, Aiden, Sage and Lavender, she's gathered them all for you, so they're right at your fingertips. If you're new to Lake Cliff, you're going to love it here.

This series begins with Aiden and Lane then switches briefly to Sage and Lavender before merging into the Lake Cliff books with all four characters.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

K Sterling's The Boys of Lake Cliff is a bundle of books 1 through 5 in the series. From the start, Lake Cliff delights with humor and fun characters.

Aiden's on the spectrum. He's we
ll written as his personality's realistic and adds tremendously to his charm. It's fantastic the way he blurts things out without any filter. I find his bluntness to be refreshing as well as awkward. 

Aiden and Lane have instant sexual attraction, and end up as a fantastic couple. I absolutely love and adore them. Later on we meet Lavender and Sage, getting to see their romance bloom. It's actually a super fun and unique meet que, and they're wonderful together. The connection each couple experiences is powerful, leading to some emotional scenes.

Of course, even better yet is when the two couples cross paths. It's fun, entertaining as can be, and adds so much to the series' charms.

As a culmination of several books, there is clearly a lot happening. I'm purposely going to be evasive and just recommend reading this bundle. It's full of action, danger, humor, sex, and romance. I found it to be intense and entertaining, hot and super steamy. 

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