Thursday, April 18, 2019

Fighting for Love (Cut to the Feeling #2) by Noah Steele


When daydreamer Oliver Park falls—literally—into the arms of a boy he’s never seen at the coffee house before, the spark of mystery muscle boy Seth Kane’s touch sends him reeling.

He hasn’t felt anything like it since he was in love with his ex-boyfriend turned best friend Aiden. When Seth asks Oliver out, the immediate heat between them is too great to ignore.

But Seth is holding back.

Are stolen moments with Oliver enough, or will Seth’s growing love risk putting a target on Oliver’s back? Someone dangerous stands in the way of the new couple’s happily ever after. Someone willing to do whatever it takes to keep Seth and Oliver apart.

Can Seth get close to Oliver without letting the sweet, soft boy get too close?

What if the truth sends Oliver running scared?

Is their whirlwind romance worth the fight?

Fighting for Love is book 2 in the Cut to the Feeling series. It is a gay instalove romantic drama that is better read as part of the series.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Told in 1st person pov, Fighting for Love drew me right in, as this Noah Steele book is a great addition to his Cut to the Feeling series. Despite being part of the series, it is great as a standalone. 

First of all, I have to say that I absolutely love the name of the coffee shop. Seriously, it's awesome. 

This is a story full of insecurities, intense chemistry, and a sense of danger. The tone is mysterious and ominous, allowing you to really sense the fear, keeping you on the edge of your seat as the danger escalates.
An insta-love story, stay away from this one if you hate this trope. 

Seth's reserved and doesn't reveal much. He's full of fear and sadness. I found myself just wanting to give him a hug. As a couple, Seth and Oliver are so damn sweet together. Intense, sacrificial, determined, and full of love

The title is perfect, as these two have a long road ahead of them, fighting to be together. Their story is one of overcoming issues and finding love. It's about making sacrifices for those you love. Ultimately, it's a sweet, yet intense romance. 

Fighting for Love is great, with a storyline that's riveting and full of emotion. I definitely felt it all; the fear, the need, the want, the apprehension, and the love. A new author, Noah Steele is impressive in his writing style; the storyline, the character development, and the likeable characters all add up to a great story.

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