Thursday, April 11, 2019

Wind Chill Less Than Zero (Black Ops Heroes #6) by Kendel Duncan


Sometimes the paths that life’s journeys bring us on are smooth and filled with beautiful times and happy memories. And other times they are filled with difficult times filled with memories you want to forget.
And then there are times like these – where you are completely lost, so alone that you don’t know how to ever make your way back. So numb that you don’t know if you’ll ever feel anything again.
It is in these times that you find out who you really are – and, if you’re lucky, who your greatest love is.
In this continuing saga you’ll see some familiar faces and meet some new ones.
Join Drake Malone as he struggles with his overwhelming grief while still trying to somehow be a dad to his newborn twins and get to know Hunter Nyland, Drake’s childhood friend, himself a recent widower – who selfishly drops everything to move in with Drake to help him with his kids, help him through his grief, and, he hopes, help the man to open up his heart again.
But can Hunter be what Drake needs or is his fight to save the man that he now realizes he loves not going to be enough?
For Riley Miller it’s the struggle of being lost in the undercover world, so far buried under the fake identity he’s had to wear for the last four years that he no longer really remembers who the real Riley is.
Cooper Thompson is just supposed to be Riley’s new partner – and maybe a one-night stand too once Coop gets a look at the gorgeous man – because Cooper Thompson is a love ‘em and leave ‘em kind of guy – he doesn’t do relationships……until he meets Riley Miller.
Are these two men too lost and broken? Or can these two somehow find each other in the darkness of their souls and find love?

This book is 96,574 words long and approximately 533 pages.
This is an adult M/M romance with male/male sex. It mentions PTSD, has light BDSM and mentions of past sexual abuse and trauma. It may contain triggers for some.
It has HEA (happily ever after) for the main characters in this book but introduces new characters that will be further explored in future books that some may consider that a cliffhanger.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Wind Chill Less Than Zero, the sixth book in Kendel Duncan's Black Ops series, picks up right where Hazardous Weather Conditions ends.

Of course, as part of the Black Ops series, this tale includes undercover work, murder and rape situations.
There are so many couples, so many emotions, and so much sex!!! The BDSM dynamics are great, and definitely hot.

This story's about taking a chance on love again, allowing yourself to be happy. 

Drake's story is heart-breaking, yet full of healing and love.

I seriously can't get enough of this series. Every character is easy to fall in love with and root for throughout. Every couple has an extremely strong connection. And, yes, the sex is insanely hot. Every story is full of emotion and action. And twists and turns. I love the constant addition of new characters, along with the lead in to the next book. I definitely recommend Wind Chill Less Than Zero!

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