Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Dead Wrong (Cold Case Psychic Book 11) by Pandora Pine


Cold Case Sergeant, Ronan O’Mara, is set to return to work at the Boston Police Department after the birth of his first child, when a knock at the door brings back a part of his past he thought was gone forever: his father, John. The only thing that Ronan knows about his father is that the man was a no-good drunk who was gone from Ronan’s life before his first birthday. Now that John is back, all he wants is a chance to tell his side of the story. Not surprisingly, Ronan wants no part of this reunion.

No one is more stunned by this turn of events than psychic, Tennyson Grimm. He’s been in contact with Ronan’s deceased mother, Erin, since he and Ronan started working together. Surely if there was more to the story about Ronan’s father, Erin would have told him. Caught between a rock and a hard place, Tennyson is left to navigate the minefield of this complicated father-son relationship, while trying to support the man he loves.

When John O’Mara finally gets the opportunity to explain where he’s been for the last thirty years and, more importantly, why he stayed away, will Ronan and Tennyson jump in to help him solve the decades old crime that kept him away from his family? Or will Ronan stand by what he’s always believed to be the truth about his father? A truth that might just turn out to be dead wrong.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Dead Wrong is another fantastic addition to Pandora Pine's Cold Case Psychic series. 

If you've been following along, we now get Ronan and Ten with baby Everly. Commence humor. The mystery is again a great one, with twists and turns. Ronan's father is back and they don't necessarily trust him. 

Pandora Pine's writing style is once again stellar. The characters are amazing, the plot is superb and the flow is perfect. If you haven't yet read the Cold Case series, do yourself a favor and do so now. It's the perfect mix of light hearted humor, romance, and family, in addition to suspense and danger.

Yet again, I need to applaud Pandora Pine for this series. Somehow these books continue to get better and better. I love the men immensely and am grateful to be able to follow their journey.

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