Monday, April 22, 2019

How to Heal (Lovestrong #4) by Susan Hawke


Take one former bully, unable to forgive himself for the sins of his past…

Clark Danvers is a wild twenty-one year old who’s trying to prove he’s an adult. With a two-year degree in hand, he manages the family car dealership and seemingly parties by night. Given the amount of times he’s been pulled over for speeding by Deputy Rick Matthews, public opinion seems to be right. But what people don’t see are the scars he carries both inside and out. Scars from a past he can’t run away from and will never be able to atone for, no matter how many times he beats himself over it.

Add one no-nonsense cop who longs to be a Daddy for the right boy…

Jericho “Rick” Matthews never expects the bratty kid who gets on his last nerve to pull at his heartstrings. When he finds Clark battered and fighting for his life in a motel room, Rick’s Daddy mode is instantly engaged. Before he can think of anything else, he must first comfort this hurting boy.

To equal a pair of men who might just be what the other needs.

The two men who thought they couldn’t stand each other are drawn together after a date gone wrong. While Rick tenderly cares for Clark, he decides what this brat needs is a Daddy… someone to help him break free from the past and embrace the promise of many happy tomorrows.

This is the fifth book in the LOVESTRONG series about finding love and being yourself in a small town. Intended only for 18+ readers, this is an mm romance full of all the sweet feels you’d want from an S. Hawke book.

Note: Possible trigger warning for mentions of self-harm and a scene involving a man who’s consented to having himself tied up. What he didn’t agree to was being left that way for an entire weekend. This highly emotional scene is the catalyst to evoke “Daddy’s” protective mode in a tale filled with themes of hurt and comfort and the struggle of overcoming a difficult past. 

My Rating - 5 Stars!

How To Heal has the same great writing style and tone I love from the rest of Susan Hawke's Lovestrong series.

I love this book. There's always something special about a good Daddy romance, as well as a good May to December romance. Add them together, with the terrific writing of Susan Hawke, and it all adds up to be a whole lot of fun.

Clark may have been an ass when he was younger, but he's drowning in guilt, believing he needs to be punished. Rick has long hated the brat Clark, but when he finds Clark half dead, he feels compelled to help. I adore the way Rick takes to the younger man, realizing what Clark needs and feeling compelled to help him.

I love the nickname "curly bird." Absolutely love it, as it's both adorable and sweet, as I want to sigh everytime I Rick says it.

Their romance does a wonderful job exploring the difference between BDSM pain and a Daddy/boy relationship. As an avid fan of Daddy kink, I really enjoyed this one. The Daddy kink is wonderfully done, both meaningful, emotional, and hot. It's beautiful the way this Daddy/boy relationship helps calm, relax, and heal Clark. But even better is the way it also brings peace to Rick. 

Oh, and it's hot. Very hot!

It's not always easy to redeem an awful character, but the author has excelled in doing just this. She expertly weaved a superb path for Clark to redeem himself.  The author explores the struggle to forgive oneself. She also explores the struggle to find the freedom of letting go of the past and allowing oneself to live in the present. 

How to Heal is a marvelous enemies to lovers story, as Susan Hawke impressively pens this tale of forgiving oneself and moving forward. This romance is romantic, tender, raw, and steamy. Don't miss this gem!

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