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Take Care of You (Taking Care #1) by Gianni Holmes

Declan’s quest seems simple enough. Find an older man who defers to him and remain in control of every aspect of his life.

Twenty-five-year-old wealthy businessman, Declan Moore, thrives on taking charge of situations and people. It’s what he’s good at. Too bad he can’t find an older man who’s willing to relinquish total control and let him take charge.

Then he meets Owen, the older submissive.

For the past fifteen years, Owen Long brought up his three children on his own, dedicating his life to raising them right and minimizing the impact of their mother abandoning them. Now his youngest has left the nest, the forty-six-year-old is stuck, not sure of his position in the world. His life’s practically over or so he thinks until a younger man with an unusual kink enters his life and proves otherwise.

Owen has no problem giving up control to Declan. In fact, after the long years of putting his now adult children first, he craves the attention Declan gives, but dare he go further and accept the role Declan wants him to play? Can he completely let go of his hang-ups about Declan’s age and let the younger man take care of him? Both men must learn it's okay to trust and when it’s time to give in.

Take Care of You is an 85k word romance novel. It is the first part of the Taking Care trilogy.

Books Intended for This Series
Take Care of You (Book 1)
Take Care of You (Book 2)

Take Care of Us (Book 3)

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Wow. Gianni Holmes had me immediately falling in love with Take Care of You. The tone, the men, everything captured my attention. It's the perfect combination of some of my favorite tropes, May to December, Daddy kink, comfort/hurt, and slow burn.

And, omg, the Daddy is half the age of his partner. Hell, yes!!! You have to appreciate this fun twist. Love that Declan needs to be a Daddy to an older man. It's definitely different than a typical Daddy kink book.

And, damn! So freakin hot and steamy!

One of the things I appreciate a lot is that Owen accepted the Daddy kink fairly easily. Of course he wasn't interested, as this wasn't ever something he wanted, but he accepts it early on without many problems.

There are amazing and complex family dynamics involved in Owen's life. His kids are off on their own, but still have their issues.

I absolutely love Declan's desire and need to help Owen. His extreme sympathy for all Owen's been through is inspiring. No one's ever thought about Owen's feelings before, but Declan thinks of little else. Declan may be young, but he's a very mature man who's been responsible most of his life, making this believable and realistic.  

This book is wonderful. Absolutely amazing. I seriously can't praise this one enough. There are many emotional moments, some that left me ugly crying. I did a whole lot of worrying too. I don't want to spoil anything, but there's one issue that looms throughout, leaving me with a heavy heart. 

Their relationship progresses naturally, but they have some issues to deal with along the way. They have to deal with resentment, confusion, anger, fear, secrets, and more. They're a strong couple, deeply connected, and offering the other a lot. 

The influence Declan has on Owen is spectacular. He immediately sees Owen as someone he wants to care for and spoil. Declan's rich, powerful, and wants to show Owen the world.

Seriously, Take Care Of You is easily one of my favorites ever. I love every damn second and can't think of anything that could have made it better. Gianni Holmes' writing is stellar, the characters dynamic, and the plot is superb. It's a story of grabbing onto a chance for happiness. It's about sacrifice and care. It's beautiful and I found my heart breaking throughout. OMG! I need more and I need it soon!!!!

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