Thursday, June 6, 2019

Wild Heart by Spencer Spears


How do you tame a wild heart?
Mal: Everyone’s got a talent. Mine is running away.
Well, that, and picking the wrong guys.
So I guess I have two talents.
Lucky me.

The problem is, my psycho ex won’t take no for an answer.
He won’t even take me leaving the state as an answer.
And when he tracks my cell phone to a roadside motel, I have two options:
Lose my freedom, and possibly my life.
Or disappear completely.

Which is how I wind up on Summersea--a tiny island off the coast of Georgia, where the ice cream shoppes outnumber the people and the air smells like unicorns and happiness.
It’s a fairytale on steroids, and me, with my past and my demons?
I definitely don’t belong.

Until I meet Deacon Murphy.

Deacon, owner of the Wisteria Inn and my boss for the summer, is unfairly perfect.
He’s strong and warm and raising six stray kittens he found in his yard.
He’s hot, in that soccer-dad-with-a-secret-sadness kind of way.
He’s so far out of my league, he’s out of my solar system.

So of course I fall head over heels for him.

There’s no way a guy like Deacon wants someone like me.
But he listens when I talk.
He makes me feel like I matter.
And for the first time in my life, I find myself wanting to stay.

When your only talent is running, trust is terrifying.
But when my past comes knocking, I’m faced with a new choice.
Do I run, or tell the truth?
Run, or stay and fight?
Run--or trust Deacon with my heart?

Wild Heart is a 116,000 word m/m romance that’s got more sweetness than sunshine and peaches, more angsty pining than a coniferous forest, and more steam than a south Georgia summer night. Hurt/comfort and out-for-you themes. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed HEA.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Wild Heart's another fantastic book by Spencer Spears, who is definitely a must read author for me. 

From the start, I fell for Mal and Deacon. Poor Mal has an abusive ex who's stalking him and the abuse he's had to endure is unimaginable. Deacon meanwhile, has spent his life in the closet. His background's horrific, as he  forced himself to marry a woman due to his overwhelmingly homophobic parents. Now divorced, he never planned to find love. Instead he's living a simple life, running an island inn and trying to spend time with his daughter.

Upon meeting Mal, Deacon can't resist the man despite all the complications involved. It's definitely a case of right place, right time for these two. And it just feels right for Deacon to let this stranger stay.
What follows is a beautiful love story which happens to include some fantastic first time moments for Deacon. I love Mal and Deacon, I love their story and I love all the emotions involved. These are two men who absolutely belong together.

Their's is a story of making some tough choices. There's guilt and self-sacrifice. It's a story of breaking out of the closet. And it's a tale of overcoming your past.

I love the feel of the island. It's atmosphere is well established allowing the reader to feel the charm of the small island. I appreciate the talk about the good and bad of living in a small place. 

The author includes plenty of humor. I love that Mal's imagination gets so carried away; it's so damn hysterical. Full of snark, I was drawn into this adventure and couldn't put it down. 

Spencer Spears excels at entwining wonderful characters with a strong, riveting storyline. Wild Heart is a compelling slow burn romance that's well worth a read.

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