Thursday, June 6, 2019

The More the Merrier (The Teddy Bear Club #2) by Sean Michael


Too much of a good thing?

When Logan gets the call about newborn triplets in need of a home, he steps up, realizing too late the daunting task he’s taken on. He’d be lost without the men of the Teddy Bear Club—especially Dirk.

He even offers to spend spring break at Logan’s home, helping him and the babies settle in. Dirk loves being a dad, and he wants to help Logan find the same joy. It doesn’t hurt that they enjoy spending time together.

Before they even realize it, they’re settling into a routine… becoming a family.

Falling in love.

But their new bond is about to face the ultimate test. Will they come through and realize that with love, there’s no such thing as enough?

My Rating - 3 Stars!

Sean Michael's The More the Merrier is the second book in The Teddy Bear Club series. Having not read the first book, I was definitely confused at the beginning. But, soon I caught up and was able to enjoy this tender romance. 

This story is super sweet, full of young children, and some tender moments. 

As for the romance, you'll enjoy it if you remember it's fictional and just go with the flow. For Dirk to help Logan out as just a friend feels far fetched. But, it's more far fetched to think these two men didn't realize they each love other. So just go with it and enjoy this feel-good friends to lovers romance.

If you enjoy newborns, tired dads, and a friends to lovers romance, The More the Merrier is worth a look.

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