Thursday, June 6, 2019

A Step too Far (Too Far #2) by H.L. Day


Two men. Three identities. An unstoppable attraction.

Desperate for his luck to change, Jake Spencer manages to land a dance contract with Dmitry Gruzdev. The job has plenty of perks including a simmering lust between him and Dmitry's hulking brute of a bodyguard, Mikhail. Life is finally looking up. Except as the shine wears off, it becomes clear that Jake's stepped into a world of darkness and depravity where Bratva answers to no one and allies are not what they seem.

Mikhail's hiding a secret: there is no Mikhail. He's simply a front for undercover operative, Ryan Harris. A means to gain access to Dmitry. Ryan's not stupid. There's no way he's going to get distracted by a pretty face, no matter how attractive Jake might be. That would be far too dangerous for all concerned. Only it's not that simple and before Ryan knows it, the line between personal and professional begins to blur spectacularly.

Lust develops into more. Secrets start to unravel. Ryan's got an impossible choice to make: keep Jake safe or maintain his cover. But how much does Dmitry know? The hunted may be about to become the hunter, blowing both men's worlds to pieces and leaving them with nothing.

Can a relationship built on lies ever lead to love?

Warning: This book contains a seductive dancer prone to getting into trouble, a gruff man who's anything but, and a villain that just won't go away.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

A Step Too Far, the second book in the Too Far series, is an exciting romance/thriller by HL Day. 

Mikhail/Ryan is undercover, trying to get proof of Dmitry's connection to the Russian mob. But when Jake's hired as one of Dmitry's new dancers, things get complicated. Ryan may be undercover, but he's falling hard for the dancer. As Ryan and Jake act on their attraction, lines get blurred. 

The pace is great, the writing is wonderful, and the storyline's a whole lot of fun. Their story is full of desire, self-hatred, and a whole lot of action. The suspense is non-stop, as the writing is sharp and on-point. Overall, their relationship is very complicated and they have to deal with conflicts and self loathing.

If you enjoy thrillers, I would definitely recommend A Step too Far. HL Day fantastically weaves a great suspenseful story with plenty of love and emotions involved.

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