Sunday, June 2, 2019

Time for a Change by H.L. Day


The last thing Michael needs while trying to work in the coffee shop is a half-naked idiot employee performing circus acrobatics to get his attention. However, the more he tries to ignore him and the ruder he gets, the more the gorgeous guy just won’t leave him alone.

Michael just wants to get his ex-boyfriend back: Christian, the suave and sophisticated art gallery manager. That’s his type, not Sam, the sexy but irritating coffee shop employee with the devastating smile and the tight clothes showing off his muscles. Michael and Christian are far more suited to each other.

When Michael sees an opportunity to use Sam to make his ex-boyfriend jealous, of course he’s going to take it. But what if Christian’s not the right guy for him, and what if Sam could actually be more than just the best sex of his life? Will uptight Michael be able to take the plunge and change, or will he let possible happiness slip through his fingers because he can’t see what’s straight in front of him?

My Rating - 4 Stars!

HL Day's Time for a Change is fun opposites attract romance.

When Michael meets Sam, he's annoyed and bothered by the crazy barista. Sam, however, is intrigued by the serious workaholic Michael. Love these men. From the start, I love the way Sam's ADHD is written. And damn, Sam is one persistent man. 

As for Michael, he's a workaholic who's hesitant to take up Sam on his advances. After being burnt in the past by several exes, he certainly has his reasons. Written in first person POV from Michael's side, the reader can easily get into Michael's mindset and understand why he's acting they way he does. Yes, he's a total jerk at times. Yes, he lacks self confidence. And yes, his behavior's completely maddening at times. But, in the end, his journey towards taking a chance and accepting he's worthy of love is worth it. 

One of my favorite parts of their relationship is the transformation of Michael from start to end. Sam certainly helps to relax the uptight man.  

The writing is great, with a seamless flow. It's certainly no surprise to me, as I love many of her books. 

Time for a Change is a sweet and easy read. Definitely check out this HL Day book when you're in the mood for something low angst, yet full of relationship drama. 

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