Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Dense Fog with No Visibility (Black Ops Heroes #7) by Kendel Duncan


Where do you go when the world that you thought was perfect is suddenly turned upside down? What do you do when the love you thought would never end suddenly feels like it’s dying before your very eyes?
What happens when a life best spent alone is suddenly filled with another – one who feels so damn right?
What do you do when your entire numb life suddenly feels alive because of one man?
What do you do when caring for everyone but yourself is no longer your future because he is there?
For Brent and JD it’s finding out if the love that they have is strong enough to not only come back from the hell that they’ve both been through but also emerge stronger on the other side.
For bounty hunter Dean Foster – loner, beaten down by a horrendous past that he wears like a second skin – it’s meeting Caleb Martinez, a man who is not only strong enough to withstand the verbal barbs that Dean has never been able to stop but Caleb also somehow sees through them to what’s really inside Dean’s heart.
For Hawke Martinez – a man with no patience, no self-worth, and so much fear that he’ll be like his cheating bastard of a father that he never even bothers to try with relationships – it’s meeting Talon Shafer – a beautiful young man so haunted by his brutal, ugly teenage years that he feels he is broken – and realizing, as he is somehow able to help heal the brutalized man, that maybe Hawke isn’t so worthless after all.
And for Brodie Jackson, it’s learning how to let go after decades of taking care of everyone but himself. Of course, once he meets a man like Nate Fisher, what choice did he have?
Join these strong, yet vulnerable men as they continue on this incredible journey of discovery, some heartache and a whole heaping of love.
This book is 101,410 words long and approximately 519 pages.
This is an adult M/M romance with male/male sex. It mentions PTSD, has light BDSM and mentions of past sexual abuse and trauma. It may contain triggers for some.
It has HEA (happily ever after) for the main characters in this book but introduces new characters that will be further explored in future books that some may consider that a cliffhanger.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Kendel Duncan exceeds all expectations in Dense Fog with No Visibility, the seventh book in the Black Ops series.

Holy crap, JD and Brent. Just wow. This part of their relationship is insanely intense, both emotionally and plot-wise.

These two men are amazing together, and their issues are gut-wrenching. The writing is beyond amazing, instantly grabbing the reader's emotions and letting us feel every single thing along with them.

Again, it's intense. I cried and cried some more. 

My favorite line has to be "We tried to make pasta and missed?" I actually did a spit take.

I love everything about Dense Fog with No Visibility. It's amazing, absolutely amazing. 

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