Monday, May 10, 2021

Thin Ice (Pine Cove #6) by H.J. Welch

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Kamran’s ex broke his heart, tricked him into aiding a bank robbery, and now he wants him to do one last job. There’s only one way to say no: seek the protective custody of the biggest, grumpiest FBI agent ever. And pretend to be his boyfriend for a week-long family reunion in their giant mansion. Wait, what?

Agent Lee Marshall is notoriously all work and no play. Letting a flirty, hot-as-sin playboy like Kamran wind him up is not an option. He has to protect him, not hook up with him. But pretending they’re an item for a week? That couldn’t hurt…

Kamran swore he’d never love again, but Lee will do anything to keep him out of harm’s way. Maybe there’s a teddy bear heart under the hunky FBI agent’s gruff exterior, and Kamran is the only one who can tease it out. What started out fake becomes all too real, but when Kamran’s past catches up to him, Lee must risk everything to save him.

Book Six of Pine Cove. Thin Ice is a steamy, standalone MM romance novel with a guaranteed HEA and absolutely no cliffhanger.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Thin Ice is the sixth book in HJ Welch's Pine Cove series. It's easy to read as a standalone, but is best enjoyed if you have read the series in order.

I adore this book. It's a fabulous mix of danger, action, family antics, and romance. The slow burn aspect is fabulous and I absolutely love the suspense element. 

Kamran first won my heart in Troubled Waters. Now it's time for the lovable Uber driver to get his own love story. 

Now we see Kamran falling for FBI agent and personal protector to Kamran, as they try to keep Kamran safe from his dangerous ex. 

If you enjoy bodyguard romances, you'll love this one. Although Lee isn't exactly a bodyguard, he is personally set on protecting the lovable and charming "race car driver."  

The family issues add a lot to this story. Staying with Lee's family, we get a great look into Lee's life and the toxic relationship with some of his relatives. Of course, there are also some lovely family members, including Lee's grandmother. Love her.

Thin Ice is a fabulous addition to this wonderful HJ Welch series. I adore it completely and highly recommend it. 

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