Monday, May 3, 2021

Raven's Way (Four Corners #2) by J.S. Grey


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“Please don’t leave me, I’m so sorry. Please, you can’t leave. We’re getting married. Things will be different I promise. I messed up I know, but please let me fix this. Give me one more chance.” Sobs wracked his body as it shook against my own.

My hand rested over his at my waist. I leaned my head forward to move it out of reach of his lips. “I can’t trust you anymore. I don’t think we can fix this. You broke us,”


Apparently being dragged away from the life you love, then forced to attend the prestigious Melwood Academy was not torture enough. Now I have to spend my days and nights lusting after my best friend’s older brother. Justin sees me as an annoying little brother when all I see is him.


You should not have to watch the man you love promise to marry someone else. Just when I think I have lost my chance with Davis, a tragedy strikes and a second chance is within my grasp. A chance I will not squander this time around

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Raven's Way is an amazing slow burn romance that is years in the making. The second book in the Four Corners series by JS Grey, it's easily read as a standalone. 

This is a fabulous romance. I immediately found myself consumed by these characters, ending up reading late into the night. 

I love everything about this story. Davis and Justin's love story spans many years, with many emotions, repressed homophobia, and obstacles in their way. It's absolutely mesmerizing and full of chemistry, ups and downs, and lots of heart.

I love the connection between the two, as their families are great friends and Davis is best friends with Justin's sister. They are forever linked, but they spend most of their time hating each other. 

The two make many mistakes over the years, letting their fears and stubbornness keep them apart. They are so damn stubborn and stupid, and I love it all. 

But in the end, I love them together. I adore the way they finally get their act together and become committed to each other. 

The writing is fabulous, with a soothing tone throughout and a gripping storyline. Everything about this story had me riveted, with well developed characters and their fascinating story.  

Raven's Way is simply marvelous. I will definitely be re-reading this amazing JS Grey story. I can't wait to see what comes next in this series. 

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