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The Job (Auctioned) by Cara Dee


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With the help of their ball-busting daughter, some questionable morals, and an important job to get done, Casey and Boone will steal you away to the grit and glitz of Las Vegas in this fast-paced romance.

I’m not supposed to do this job without Boone.

We may not share genes, but it’s been us against the world since his mom took me in as a toddler. The rowdy O’Sullivan boys who raised all the hell that Vegas could handle. Not that all my memories are wild and make my heart race. After all, I realized I was in love with the bastard at some point, so there’s been plenty of pathetic yearning and jealousy too.

Even so, it’s been him and me. Brothers, partners in crime, and, for the past six years, co-parents to an amazing little girl. But that’s another story. Right now, I gotta focus on the job our cousin gave us, and I need Boone by my side.

The problem is we haven’t really been on speaking terms for four years now.

This story takes place in Cara Dee’s Camassia Cove Universe, a fictional town where all books stand on their own, unless otherwise stated, and the reader can jump in wherever they want.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

The Job is a fabulous romance by Cara Dee. It's part of the Auctioned created world, but it's read as a standalone, as are all of the books in this amazing series. 

I love this book from the start. I think I just connect with the way the author tells a story. And the emotions in this one jump off the pages throughout, which makes for an all consuming read.

Boone and Case are forever linked as they raise Ace together. When the story starts, the two are estranged and raising her separately. Then a job brings the men together. Let the fun begin. 

Their past is complex and their future is up for grabs, if they can sort through all the messy obstacles in their way. I love the connection between the two. Hell, the enemies to lovers element proves the intensity between them. 

They are part of an organized crime family, so the job aspect is full of adventure and risk, yet always sprinkled with humor. I love it. 

Ace. You gotta love Ace. I adore everything about her, including her knowledge of and participation in the family business. And I love how easy going she is with her dads' situation in general. She's spunky, cute, and totally lovable.

I absolutely love the brothers aspect. Love it. They're brothers through adoption, but they're still brothers. So complicated for them and everyone involved. The forbidden aspect is a large part of their problem and it's mesmerizing in the way it all unfolds. 

The second chance aspect of this story is always there, as their love is deep and long lasting. The story clearly establishes the strength of their love and the natural reason they became estranged.

The Job is a great read. I can't recommend this Cara Dee book enough. It's a fabulous mix of an organized crime family, second chances, stepbrothers falling in love, a cute kid, and plenty of humor. I love every second of it. 

❤️ Romance by Cara Dee ❤️

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