Thursday, May 31, 2018

A Right Royal Affair by Helen Juliet

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Theo Glass used to believe that love was just a fairy tale. Orphaned and disowned by his homophobic step-family, he and his grandma make ends meet as best they can. But when his grandma’s tireless charity work is honoured, Theo makes sure he spends his last pennies to get her to the palace, hosted by none other than the gorgeous Prince James himself.

James is sixth in line to the throne of the United Kingdom and a disappointment to just about everyone. He never felt at home at school, on the rugby pitch, or even in the Army. Being royalty means he’s been forced to keep a lid on his bisexuality. But when he meets Theo at the honours ceremony, he knows he’s in serious trouble.

Needing to find purpose, James convinces Theo to use his charity event savvy to throw a fundraiser ball in a secluded castle. All James has to do is behave himself around the sassy twink. But soon the chemistry between them is too strong to resist.

Their lives are too different and there’s no chance James can come out as the first Prince of the United Kingdom with a boyfriend. But James knows if he doesn’t show Theo how much he means to him, he’ll lose him forever. Can love conquer all? Or is that something just for fairy tales?

A Right Royal Affair is a steamy, standalone MM romance novel featuring a pack of unruly royal terriers, a romantic ball, feisty swans, a wicked step-father and a guaranteed HEA with absolutely no cliffhanger.

My Rating - 5 out of 5 Stars

A Right Royal Affair by Helen Juliet is a sweet, romantic story. I was excited to read it when I saw the blurb, and it held up to be a good, enchanting story.

Theo finds the whole idea of the royal family to be quite pointless. Nonetheless, he is excited to be seeing Prince James in person. You'd have to be blind to not find the prince to be an extremely handsome man and completely mesmerizing. 

Prince James has always lived a pampered life. He has always lived in luxury and has been afforded every opportunity. He felt like something was missing from this life however.

I really admire Theo's grandmother. She lives her life devoted to helping others, basically living a lifetime of never-ending charity. When she receives an award for all her hard work, it is handed to her by none other than the prince himself. 

After the ceremony, Theo and the prince meet in an awkward way. While Theo is actually trying to help avoid damage at the palace, James makes the assumption that Theo is actually up to no good. I find this to be a fun little way for them to meet.

Later, as they work together, attractions are hard to fight and interest in one another is clear.  I absolutely love their sexual relationship. I find it so perfect that the prince desires giving up control. His days are full of stress and he finds freedom in letting go.  I enjoy this dynamic a lot. And, they are definitely hot together too!

Their time together is not an easy one. How can a prince be gay? James is so exhausted from hiding his sexuality, but he feels that he has no choice. If he chooses to come out, there could be global consequences. 

Theo? Poor, lovable Theo. He just had to go and fall for someone he could never have. Theo didn't wish for this to happen, but now he has to suffer the consequences. He also has a difficult time knowing that the person he loves is stuck living a life full of meeting expectations instead of being honest in what he desires. 

I absolutely enjoyed devouring A Right Royal Affair. Helen Juliet does a fantastic job with this forbidden, royal romance. I definitely recommend it.


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