Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Cocky, Stock & Barrel by Lina Langley

They say you never get over your first love.
For Ethan Zhong, that's painfully true. His relationship with Alois was near-perfect, his fiance everything he could ever want--until cruel fate took Alois away. Even after years, Ethan isn't ready to move on. He's happier single than walking away from the memory of Alois's name.
Until his sister hooks him up with a powerful one. One who is running for State's Attorney.
One who is close to the governor of Georgia. 
Ethan's brother-in-law.
And the worst man Ethan could ever agree to date.
Good thing it's only for show. 
One arranged dinner date he can't wiggle out of, a few minutes of political schmoozing, and Max Walter should have his political career in the bag. But Ethan's not prepared for the shock when Max could be Alois's doppleganger, and rouses desires and longings Ethan just can't shake.
He hopes a one-night-stand will get it out of his system, and give him so closure. After all, he's heard the best way to get over someone is to get under someone--but Max isn't someone he can walk away from after one night. Max wants Ethan. Max wants more.
And more than anything, Max wants Ethan to beg.


Cocky, Stock and Barrel is quick fun read.

There are very sad moments in the story. Ethan's fiancée suffered a horrific death in front of him. Ethan hasn't been attracted to anyone since.

Ethan's set up on a date with Max by his family. They are attracted to each other. But, to Ethan, Max reminds him so much of Alois. And, as much as Max would like to be with Ethan, he doesn't want them to be together just because he's a reminder of Alois. If Ethan is going to be with him, it has to be Max who he is with, not Alois.

They only knew each other a few days, but Max definitely left an impression on Ethan and Ethan finds that he cannot stop thinking about Max.

The interactions between Ethan and Max are hot! Max wants Ethan to beg. And he will wait until he does so. And, then, we have some puppy play. 

The underlying plot in this story revolves around politics, and what a politician needs in a partner.

I definitely enjoy Cocky, Stock and Barrel is you are looking for a quick read. I really enjoy the ending. Ethan and Max are just super sweet together.

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