Sunday, July 28, 2019

How to Save a Life (Howl at the Moon #4) by Eli Easton


Rav Miller looked into the terrified, intelligent eyes of the chocolate Labrador on death row, and knew he’d do anything to save him. When the dog, Sammy, escapes and heads to Mad Creek, Rav follows. Mad Creek. The town had become legendary in Rav’s mind after he’d met that bizarre group last year. Rav dismissed his crazy suspicions back then, but when he arrives in Mad Creek, he knows it’s true. Dog shifters exist, and apparently they all live in the California mountains. It’s enough to blow a bad boy’s mind.

Sammy has something in common with Rav—neither one of them trusts people. After Sammy’s abuse as a dog, he particularly dislikes tough-looking men like Rav. But when Sammy gets a chance to work with rescued dogs at the new Mad Creek shelter, his deep compulsion to help others overcomes his fear. Rav and Sammy bond over saving strays. If they can each find the courage to let someone else in, they might find their way to love.

Sheriff Lance Beaufort doesn’t like humans moving into Mad Creek, especially not the tattooed and defiant Rav. When Rav starts a rescue shelter, the town thinks he’s wonderful! But Lance isn’t fooled. He doesn’t buy Rav’s innocent act for one second. How much does Rav know about the quickened? What is his game? And why did he have to show up now, when Lance and the other town leaders are overwhelmed by all the new quickened pouring in?

Rav knows how to save a life. But can he save an entire town? Can he rescue Mad Creek?

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Already in love with Eli Easton's Howl at the Moon series, book four, How to Save a Life, was everything I was hoping it would be. 

Sammy and Rob. So perfect together. Just swoon.

Watching the new quicken, Sammy, learn the ways of the human world is fascinating. Completely niave and inexperienced, he's a charming character.

And Rob, damn I love the way Rob reacts to the town of Mad Creek. His instinct to help protect these shifters is wonderful. His attraction to the young quicken makes for an entertaining story, as Sammy hasn't yet sexually developed. And, omg, his sexual awakening makes for the most fabulous of scenes!

Another amazing moment is Sammy's need to be brave, which brought tears to my eyes.

The author gives the reader a good look into Sammy's abusive past. When we first meet him, he's a shelter dog, leaving my heart hurting for him immediately. As we follow his birth as a quicken, every moment is riveting and compelling. One can't help but to fall in love with this sweet young man. 

As for Rob, his discovery of quicken makes for a fun read. Stunned and unsure, he's quick to not scare or hurt the town, which is impressive. 

Again, what impresses me most about the Howl at the Moon series is the uniqueness of a town of dog shifters. Not a big fan of shifters, it's so different since these guys are all dog shifters. So refreshing, entertaining, and sweet, I love these stories.

It's perfectly heart-warming, full of moments that will make you smile. I can't recommend this series enough. And How to Save a Life is the best yet! Eli Easton's Howl at the Moon series is my favorite find of the year thus far.  

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