Thursday, February 7, 2019

Kissing Our Loves (Valentine’s Inc. #6) by Sammi Cee


Valentine's Inc. Book 6.

Clark ~ I wouldn’t change anything about my life. Adopting the child my sister gave birth to is the best decision I ever made. For all of us. Choosing to work for myself so that I can be an active part of his life—a no brainer. After four years, though, my friends may be right. It’s time to at least date if my crush on the dad, the off-limits man wearing the wedding band, at my son’s preschool is any indication.

Bailey ~ Life hasn’t gone exactly as planned with my fiancé dying before we ever had a chance to get married. My days are filled with client requests and spreadsheets, but I’ll never take for granted how fortunate I am to work from home and be here for my daughter. Pursuing the dream to have a child, even if alone, is more fulfilling than I’d ever dreamed possible. Our little life seemed like enough until recently when I witnessed my high school sweetheart, Vaughn, falling in love and finally getting his happily ever after. Maybe he’s right, maybe it’s time to take off the ring and date again.

When two men take the plunge and sign up with Valentine’s Inc., is it possible they can find a love match on the first try? And if they do, can insta-love withstand the pressure of real life when two automatically means four?

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Kissing Our Loves, part of the Valentine's Inc series, is a cute and fun romance by Sammi Cee.

Do you like sex scenes? This one starts with a semi-hot scene. (You'll see what I mean.) And, seriously, how much better does it get than a guy talking to his dick? I love that kind of humor.

Clark and Bailey meet through their 4 year olds, who are best friends, and it's perfectly developed. I absolutely love both the kids. Sidney is Bailey's daughter, and Todd is Clark's nephew, who he's raising. Todd's special needs are so well written, with such understanding and care. 

Everything happens fast, as they immediately click. I truly enjoyed every second of this book. The humor is fantastic, as the kids are adorable. "Daddy, you're silly, you're always staring at him. You must really like his clothes."

Kissing Our Loves is amazingly entertaining, and I will definitely be adding it to my re-read list! It's tender, it's serious, it's cute, it's humorous, and more. It's definitely a light story, but it's enjoyable and adorable.

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