Monday, February 4, 2019

Kissing Booth (Valentine’s Inc. #7) by Pandora Pine


Valentine's Inc. Book 7.

Newspaper reporter, Granger Galloway, is in charge of the Valentine’s Bazaar, an annual fundraiser for the LGBTQ community of Salem, Massachusetts. This year, no one has volunteered to man the Bazaar’s hottest attraction: The Kissing Booth. After being turned down by every gay and straight man he knows, Granger does the unthinkable and hires the pros at Valentine’s Inc. to send him the perfect fake boyfriend to man the booth. The problem now is how to explain the gorgeous man kissing the mayor’s lips off is a Rent-A-Hunk!

Lennox MacArthur looks like a model straight off the cover of a Highland romance novel, kilt and all. When he’s hired by Granger to be his Valentine's weekend boyfriend and man the kissing booth for charity, he figures it will be an easy gig. He never counted on losing his heart to the awkwardly adorable reporter. His conundrum is that he’s kissing every cop, fireman, witch, bored housewife, and granny in town except the one man who stole his heart on sight.

When Granger mistakes Lennox’s true feelings for part of their fake boyfriends act, will it ruin his one chance at true love or will Granger land the man of his dreams if he sets aside his pride and takes his turn in line at the kissing booth?

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Kissing Booth, by Pandora Pine, is non-stop entertainment. I love it. It's everything we love about her Cold Case Series compacted into a short Valentine's Day story.

There's so many fun parts to this short story. Granger hires Lennox to be his fake boyfriend who will man the Kissing Booth for a great cause. Ends up that Lennox is everything Granger has ever wanted, with his kilt, and his Scottish brogue. Hot! 

As usual though, my favorite part of any Pandora Pine book is the overall humor. There are just so many moments where I find myself laughing. It's funny, it's witty, and it's downright clever.

Of course, if you don't enjoy insta-love, skip this one. Otherwise, Kissing Booth is a definite pleaser for any fans of rom-coms.

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