Saturday, February 2, 2019

Color My Kiss (Valentine’s Inc. #5) by Michele Notaro


Valentine’s Inc.
Need a date? Want to impress your boss or maybe your ex?
Looking for the love of your life?
Give us a call for all your dating needs!

Working for Valentine’s Inc. isn’t exactly my favorite job in the world, but it’s not bad either. I need the extra cash, anyway, so it’s kinda perfect. The real problem is that I never expected to meet someone I actually like, and now that I’m fake dating him for a whole weekend, it’s hard to separate the job from my feelings. Especially when Poe looks at me like he really cares.

My sister’s getting married, and all of our friends are on my case about having a date for the wedding. Unfortunately, I think I have the not-dateable gene, so I come up empty. And when I find out my ex is going to be there, I contact Valentine’s Inc. in desperation. I had no idea they were going to send someone as perfect as Dakota. Too bad he’s only pretending to like me because I think I want to date him—for real.

Dakota and Poe need to navigate through their feelings and figure out if they can find true love together or if everything they feel for one another is simply just for show.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Michele Notaro's Color My Kiss is a great fake boyfriend romance.

When Po needs a date for a family wedding, he ends up hiring Dakota. I absolutely love their strong, immediate attraction. And I enjoy their journey as feelings start to get involved.

I adore Koda who's gorgeous and wears lipstick. Even better though, is Po's reaction to the lipstick. 

One of the best parts of their relationship is the way Koda easily knows what Po needs and wants. It's tender, romantic and sweet. 

Color My Kiss is just downright fun. I love the fake boyfriend trope, and Michele Notaro does a great job with this one. The homophobia was a bit annoying, but it still worked.

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