Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Dead to the World (Cold Case Psychic #10) by Pandora Pine


Since the death of his former partner, Tony Abruzzi, at the hands of mob boss, Vito “The Dragon” Dragonni, Cold Case Detective, Ronan O’Mara, has been a shell of his former self. Other than working his shifts at the police station, Ronan is going through the motions of life. The once vital and active cop is reduced to binge-watching trashy shows on Netflix to cope with his loss.

Psychic, Tennyson Grimm, has a secret he’s been forced by the FBI to keep: Tony Abruzzi is alive. Barely eating or sleeping as he tries to cope with the guilt of keeping the truth from Ronan, Tennyson knows it's only a matter of time before his friends stop buying the lies he’s telling to explain his restless nights.

When Tony appears to testify at Vito Dragonni’s trial, all hell breaks loose. Accusations fly about who knew Abruzzi was alive and why it was kept a secret from Ronan, who's been struggling to come to terms with the "death" of a man he considered a brother.

Focusing on keeping their loved ones safe and bringing Dragonni to justice for his crimes once and for all, one question remains: Will Ronan be able to forgive Tennyson for lying about Tony’s death?

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Dead To The World is the tenth book in Pandora Pine's Cold Case Series and it's so damn good.

Ten is drowning. He's hiding things from Ronan, and the guilt is slowly killing him. He's losing weight, acting different, and Ronan can't help but notice.

One of the best things about this series, other than the humor, is the fact that each book revolves around the same relationship. Each book has a new mystery to solve, or new trials in their lives. But it's always about Ten and Ronan. It's unique and fantastic, as this is an amazingly enjoyable couple. 

Ten and Ronan face a lot of difficult times in this book. There are secrets, danger, anger, and more. As always, it's well written, absolutely compelling and will leave you satisfied. I'm excited to see what happens next.

Thank you Pandora Pine for this fantastic series.

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