Saturday, February 2, 2019

Be My Valentine, Bobby Bryson by Geoffrey Knight


Valentine’s Day has long been a difficult day for widow and single mom Kate Madsen. But this Valentine’s Day is going to be more than just difficult… it’s going to be downright awkward. For Kate’s only child, seven-year-old Mikey, just stunned the small town of Elk’s Ridge by writing a Valentine’s Day card to someone name Bobby Bryson.

While the card sends teachers into a tizz and turns Mikey’s grandfather into a grumpy old man, Kate discovers over the course of one afternoon that she and her young son are about to begin a journey of questions, confrontations and hopefully one day… happiness.

In the meantime, will Mikey and his Mom make it through this Valentine’s Day? Will the innocent intentions of one young boy change the narrow minds of a stubborn, small town? And just who exactly is the object of Mikey’s affections—Bobby Bryson?

This story was previously published in the 2013 anthology On Valentine’s Day

My Rating - 4 Stars!

Be My Valentine, Bobby Bryson, is a sweet, simple story by Geoffrey Knight. Mikey's adorable, and so darn loving. But, the homophobia around him is horrific. It's a beautiful story of friendship, family, and hope. The lesson in the end will leave you smiling! It's not a romance, but it's a fabulous story!

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