Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Rebuild My Heart by Ariel Tachna


Lexington Lovers
A love built to last.
When Derek Jackson is hired to renovate the LGBT bookstore that’s also Owen Hensley’s home, opposites attract. Derek is a big burly blue-collar guy, about ten years older than slight, sweet, and bookish Owen. As they spend time together, it becomes clear that each handsome outside leads to a beautiful interior. Far from the shy twink he appears, Owen has a rock-solid foundation that helped him put himself through college and start his own business. Behind Derek’s strong fa├žade waits a tender heart that’s been battered by a rough family past—something Owen understands.
After Owen’s runaway nephew lands on his doorstep, it throws a wrench in their plans. Derek can’t ask Owen to choose, but he doesn’t think he can take second place with his lover the way he always has with his family. Can they find a way to keep their romance standing?

Cover Artist: Alexandria Corza

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Ariel Tachna's Rebuild My Heart is a remarkable romance. 

Derek finds himself enamoured by his client, Owen, who's house he's renovating. As the two are clearly attracted to one another, Owen fears things are moving too fast.

This tale is emotional and wonderful, as Derek and Owen face sharing their darkest secrets. They both have fears and insecurities. They both have family issues and
bring baggage to the relationship. Owen has major family issues that he needs to be honest about. And Derek feels inferior and insecure, as he still wears the scars from his father's homophobia. 

Derek's relationship with his father and stepmother is heartbreaking. Owen's troubles with his family is gut-wrenching. His father is a homophobic preacher who uses barbaric practices. The story of his nephew is terrifying and such a great addition to their tale. 

Together, they face complications, sacrifices, and decisions. They will deal with their fears and insecurities, and they will learn the true meaning of family.

Rebuild Your Heart will take you on an emotional rollercoaster. You'll laugh, you'll cry and you'll smile. I definitely recommend this story.

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