Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Duet (Upstaged #3) by S.L. Danielson & Cheryl Headford


Vince and Billy are getting married. All their friends will be there, so it’s bound to be exciting. Add in some family members who may, or may not, be associated with the Mafia, Connor’s new boyfriend—who is a complete ass—and Vince’s cousin, Angel, heir to the family business but far more suited to life in a small village in rural Italy, and you have an explosive mix that will challenge all the friends to the mix.

My Rating - 5  Stars!

Duet is the third book in the Upstaged series by SL Danielson and Cheryl Headford. And it's just as wonderful as the previous books.

We get the same fantastic group of guys, who are just so damn fun.

In this novel, we follow along as everyone attends Vince and Billy's wedding. They all have to deal with Connor's new boyfriend who they don't like. Angel's in pain as he's fighting his past, and Connor's the one who makes Angel feel safe. All this leads to a great story.

This story is long, but quick. Don't blink or you will miss something. This is the same writing style as the previous books. They go fast and contain an awful lot!

Overall, Duet is a riveting story of the power of friendship. I am thrilled that SL Danielson and Cheryl Headford have added to this series.

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